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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hiking Horsetail Falls!

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in Lake Oswego, Oregon and we took full advantage of the weather to hike to Horsetail Falls.

Of course we were not alone, many people had the same idea, because this was not a day to stay indoors.

From there it was off to look at a townhouse that the kids are looking at renting near Wilsonville and then off to Randy's parents house for a great evening of food, fun and fellowship.

We are headed to church this morning followed by lunch with Randy's mom and Grandma and then hopefully a tour of Stephanie's new classroom.

This has been a fast paced but very enjoyable visit and we will hate to see it end. The tears will start to flow later this evening as we realize that it is time to say goodbye and leave our baby behind, but we won't think about that now.

Hope you are having a safe and happy Labor Day weekend and thanks for the visit!


  1. I miss hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. So glad you go to go there.

    We lived in Butteville near Wilsonville for 12 years. LOVE Wilsonville. I worked for the Wilsonville Spokesman newspaper for four years. Fun times.


  2. A very busy visit for sure, sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Next time we're in that area, I'm going to make sure we visit Horsetail Falls. Great pics - thanks for posting them.

    1. Rick - A definite must see, there are about 6 waterfalls in a row, but it was much too crowded to stop at each unfortunately. Would strongly recommend not visiting on the weekend or on a holiday!

  4. Horsetail Falls and that whole drive along the old highway is simply beautiful. Hope you got to stop at some of the other falls too. Great pictures.