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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Christmas Shopping Started!

Rick and Kathy Rousseau have been doing a countdown to Christmas on their blog It's about time for the last few weeks and it has made me frankly, a little nervous.  So as a result, I bought my first Christmas present at Costco on Friday.

This first present was just to get into the shopping spirit, so I made it very easy by buying a gift for me.  I have always enjoyed a good glass of wine, but never spent much time learning about the different wines that were available.  My interest was peaked after our trip to Oregon to visit our kids.  My son-in-law's Grandfather Wayne is a wine connoisseur and provided me with an introduction to wines while we were there.

Then my interest was intensified with a great winery tour and dinner at Landon Winery while on business in Greenville, Texas.  So I decided that it would be kind of fun to learn more about wines and try something other than the gallon bottles that I have been purchasing at Sam's Club.

So my business partner, who is also into wines, suggested that I buy a wine cellar to start my new hobby.  We walked over to Costco near our office after lunch earlier in the week and found a 27 bottle Wine Cellar by Vinotemp on an endcap for $199.

I caught Tracy at the right moment and happened to mention what I had found and that I thought they would sell quickly, so we shouldn't wait for Christmas, because they would probably be gone.  She said it sounded good to her and if I gave her a massage, I would be good to go with the purchase.  I can tell you that my massages are certainly not worth $199, but I wasn't going to argue.

So I was off to Costco the next day and to my surprise, the endcap containing the 30 or so wine cellars yesterday was gone.  I walked around the store and happened to find 4 wine cellars at the back of the store and quickly grabbed one up.  I spoke with a salesperson who said that they flew out of the store, so I was right for once with my pitch that they probably wouldn't last long.

In reading the directions, they suggested that the cellar sit for at least 24 hours and contain at least 5 bottles of wine at start-up.  So that meant that I needed to head to Bev-Mo to stock up the wine cellar...I am really liking this new hobby.

So my Christmas present is up and running, it chilled the wine to 59 degrees in less than 15 minutes, it contains more than the five bottles that were recommended (as you can see) and the blue light looks really cool.
Down to 50 degrees quickly
Went a little crazy at Bev-Mo!
Ah, come to the blue light...
My only concern is that Tracy has the neighborhood ladies here a week from Monday for Bunko and the wine cellar does not have a lock...this could be a real problem.:-)

Hope your weekend has been great and don't forget to get going on your Christmas shopping, it was made me feel much to get started!


  1. Nice Christmas present. Enjoy it

  2. Early Christmas shopping? That's a good trick - I'll have to remember and try that the next time I want a new gizmo!

  3. Nice wine cellar good idea. At least you can purchase good affordable wines there compared to what we have to pay here in Canada.