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Monday, September 10, 2012

Got The Itch!

It has been a long hot summer her in Arizona and although we have traveled a lot: California, Oregon and Hawaii, we have not taken our rig out all summer.  

So I have had an itch, that no powder can cure. :-) That itch is to get our rig ready for some wonderful camping once the temperatures start to cool down a bit.  

Yesterday was the first step in that process as I fired off the generator and started up the motorhome to give both a little workout.  Because we have had some rain in recent days, the temperature never made it to 100 degrees outside, so I was able to start checking things in preparation for our first outing, hopefully toward the end of September, if the weather cooperates.  I was greatly encouraged by reading Rick's post today regarding Fall colors on his blog Rick & Paulette's RV Travels.

In starting to check things out, I did notice that the deep cycle batteries that I purchased last August from SAM's Club did not appear to be holding a charge and that our starting battery, which came with the rig, appeared to be having a similar problem.  I called SAM's Club and of course I just missed the 12-month free replacement period by about 20 days, so if they determine that the batteries are bad, I will be paying a prorate for the replacements...just my luck!

So I have say that I am getting rather excited to make some online reservations for some great camping over the next few months.  Of course prior to that happening, I will need to replace the batteries, give Iris (Tracy's name for the motorhome) a good bath, clean the inside, etc., ect., etc.. So the work has begun!

Tracy and I enjoyed reading the front page article in yesterday's Arizona Republic regarding a reunion between Rusty and his dog Timber that was a direct result of a blog posting that was made by Sue Rogers on her site rvsue and her canine crew. If you haven't already seen the article and video, do yourself a favor and visit Sue's site, it is a real feel good story!

Well enough of all that, I am pleased to welcome Laurie and George of Owens on the Road as our 49th follower.  I have been enjoying reading their posts as they get ready to hit the road full-time, something that we can only dream about doing at this point.  Welcome aboard and congratulations on what I know will be an exciting new adventure for you both.

With that I will wish you all a safe and enjoyable week and thanks for stopping by for a visit. 


  1. Had to suppress the urge to gasp when you talked so casually about the temperature never made it to 100!! Although I grew up in So. Cal. and we do, once in a while, top 100 here in Oregon, I can see why you are getting hitch itch. That kind of heat this time of year is not something I would want to be in. Hope all goes well and you get some reservations made for some fun trips.

    1. We heard about a couple of 100+ days in Oregon without AC while we were visiting our daughter. Can't imagine being in those temps without our AC.

  2. The batteries will go bad if not taken care of. During the time it sits the engine should be used, not just started but driven a while, usually 15 miles or so does the trick, this way you keep moisture out of the exhaust and you help keep the oil from braking down.

    The same goes for the genny, it needs a load in order to get a work out so firing up the AC while the genny is running will help keep it running well for a long time and it will also help keep the batteries up.

    Putting a battery tender on the batts if they aren't used for a long time will help keep them ready for use as well.

    Just some friendly tips, not trying to be pushy. I hope you guys have a great trip!


    1. Erik - Thanks for that information, I do put the generator under a load every 30 days, but I have to admit that I don't drive our RV during the summer because it is 120+ degrees inside. I do keep the batteries on a charge, so I was surprised that they failed in slightly over a year. Great input.

  3. I took a ride up further north than my summer place here in Pinetop today. The leaves are just getting there yellow color. But today is was sure cold up around Big Lake at 9000ft. It was great.

  4. We get the itch every couple weeks. In the hot weather (not nearly as hot as yours) I need to top up the water levels in our house batteries at least three times a year just to keep them alive. They have been in our coach now for 6 years maybe soon time to replace them.

  5. Thanks for the mention and I'm glad to hear you're making some plans for future RV'ing. Hope you get that battery issue resolved to your satisfaction.