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Sunday, September 23, 2012


So Monday night is Bunko at our house so it was a Saturday filled with Fall house cleaning to get ready for the twelve or so ladies who will be arriving tomorrow night.

One of my chores was to clean the chandelier in the dining room. I don't know the kind of sick person that designed this, but it is nearly impossible to get between each of the chandelier arms to get it clean without knocking the jewels off and burning my arms.

I always use a damp towel to clean it and one year it was a little too damp and a slight amount of water got into one of the light sockets. Don't need to tell you that we had sparks flying everywhere and smoke filled the room. I was fortunate to find a replacement socket at Home Depot and luckily the smoke cleared prior to the ladies arriving the next night. Thankfully no such excitement this year.

So after church there will be much vacuuming and dusting to put the final touches on everything. I will have to find a place to hide out when the ladies arrive, I may head out to the motor home for a little Monday Night Football.

Hope your weekend was great and thanks for the visit!


  1. Just goes to show you that God never intended the male species to be involved in cleaning :-)

    1. oh, oh, look what came to my inbox this morning...

  2. That's a beautiful chandelier - bunko!!

  3. That is a beautiful Chandelier but I'm glad it wasn't me cleaning it. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. A nice chandelier to look at when its clean. But as you know not a lot of fun cleaning it. Ours was such a nuisance that we had to sell the house and buy our RV just so I would not have to clean it anymore.

  5. You did a great job. Glad I don't have one of those.

  6. I used to play Bunko for years when I lived in CA. Loved it, we had so much fun! Watch out for water & electricity, bad combo! :)

  7. Wonder if you could clean it with a can of compressed air? Then you could just vacuum the dust that falls. I bet those Bunko ladies don't do a white glove inspection anyway. It sure looks sparkly now.

  8. Bunko was great and the ladies were very complimentary about the chandelier! Thanks Barak for sending me the link to the chandelier cleaner, that would have made it much easier!