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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dead Cells!

No, not dead cells in my head, although I'm sure there are plenty, SAM's Club found dead cells in both deep cycle batteries and in the starting battery.

I skipped out of work a little early this afternoon to take advantage of the 87 degree weather and cloud cover to remove all of our rig's batteries and take them to SAM's Club to be checked out.

SAM's was very busy and short handed as usual, so I had to wait almost an hour to get things taken care of.  The starting battery was shot and was a quick $100 purchase and I just missed the 12-month free replacement period, by less than 1 month, so the service manager gave me the good news that I had 67 percent of the battery's value in proration, so it only cost me a mere $25.70 per battery, rather than being free, sounds like a good deal, huh?

So all three batteries have been installed and all appears to be working well.  I used a little anti corrosion spray, which is red, and should keep the connections clean. The house lights are much brighter and Iris turns right over with a roar.  All is good and we are one step closer to being ready for our first weekend away.

Starting Battery
Charging Battery Under The Hood
Charging Battery Inside
That's enough energized excitement for today. Thanks for stopping by, hope your week if off to a great start!


  1. So when are you going to head out? We're definitely getting closer but we're spending Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at Lake Pleasant. Then back to AJ for doc appts.

    1. Has to be much cooler, probably not until the beginning of October unfortunately. How about getting together for Chinese food when you are up to Scottsdale for doctor's appointments?

  2. Nice that you have the batteries taken care of, one step close to hotting the road.

  3. Hey, what a deal! Sam's is always there to help :)