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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Warm Easter Welcome!

Happy Easter
I was listening to a radio show this afternoon and the hosts were talking about Tim Tebow attending a church service in Texas on Easter Sunday and the church is expecting a crowd of thirty thousand.  The hosts were trying to figure out whether people were coming to celebrate Easter or to see Tim Tebow. 

They went on to say that a 2010 survey was conducted which asked if people attended church regularly and regularly was defined as twice per month.  Forty percent of the respondents said they attended regularly, but when they checked with the churches regarding their attendance, the percentage dropped to 21%. 

I got a little smile on my face when they said that neither of the hosts attended church regularly because they liked to sleep in on Sunday and watch football.  One of hosts said that he believed in God and that on judgment day it was his hope that the few times he attended church on Christmas and Easter would give him extra points. 

They said that people who only attend church on Christmas and Easter were fakes and they should not go tomorrow because they won’t know what they are doing and they will most likely embarrass themselves. 

The reason for my smile is that I have grown up in the church and it feels like a second home to me.  I certainly don’t go to church for points and I hate to think that anyone would.  I go for the relationship with my Savior, fellowship with my fellow Christians and I can’t imagine not being there.  

Easter is a perfect time to go to church, whether you are used to it or not. But so are all of the other Sundays each year. I hope that no one feels that they have to go to services tomorrow, but if they do go, I hope they will find a warm Easter welcome that will cause them to come back again and again!

I want to welcome Erik of Erik's RV Blog as our latest follower. Welcome aboard Erik and thanks for joining us.

Have a blessed Easter wherever you are and whatever you are doing!


  1. Very well said. I grew up in church (Daddy was a pastor) but I don't always go regularly anymore. But it's never for "points" as God does not live in that building we call a 'church'...He lives in the hearts of believers and that is the real Church. Happy Easter.

  2. I remember thinking we'd never get on the road either! Am happy to say we made it at 53 & 57 and have been on the road five and a half years now. Count me as new follower.

  3. I'd like to recommend to you that you put your comments into moderation instead of them going directly to your blog post. All it takes is for one SPAMMER to find out you've got open comments.

    I'd like to talk with you further through email. Is there a way you can leave me a comment at my blog on how to get in touch with you? www.quinnsawesomejourney.blogspot.com. Donna from Therapy Travels and Sam from 5th wheel vagabonds can vouch for me that I'm on the up and up.

  4. AMEN, well said. When we are on the road, we don't always go to church, but we are blessed in that we can watch the church our kids attend live thru the computer -- www.englewoodbaptist.com. Have a great Easter!

  5. One of the joys we've found with being on the road is finding the same love and fellowship and teachings no matter where we are. I enjoy going to Church and learning more about my Heavenly Father and his Son. And tomorrow we get to celebrate the greatest gift we've ever been given - Eternal Life. He is Risen. Have a beautiful Easter.