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Friday, April 27, 2012

Survived The Big C!

Well after what seemed like days of prep, which is truly the worst part of the process, it was time for the big procedure.  Thankfully Motorhome magazine had just arrived, so with that and my iPad to get up to date on the blogs I follow, the time passed pretty quickly.

The outpatient clinic was close to home and they were right on time.The doctor met with me for a few minutes and said that he had done over 4000 colonoscopies without any issues, so that made me much more confident to proceed.

Once I got into my wonderful gown, it was off to the recovery area for the IV and then into the procedure room.  The nurse asked me my name and why I was there, and although I came up with a couple of what I thought would be funny responses, I thought better of it because this was a pretty regimented group.

The next thing I knew, Tracy was in the recovery room with the doctor and he explained that all went well and that he would be back in touch with the results of the biopsy.

So all in all, the process wasn't as bad as many people that I spoke with made it out to be and now I can pitch in with my story the next time someone says they are having the Big C.

The good news is that the doctor told me to take it easy this weekend, so I am sure that I can find some good baseball and golf on the TV and just enjoy some rest and relaxation. I hope your weekend is restful and relaxing as well.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad all is well! Enjoy your restful weekend!

  2. Good to hear all went well, we will enjoy a nice weekend along with you guys!