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Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Hot...Way Too Soon!

You will probably get tired of hearing me whine (definition: complain peevishly) about the Arizona heat between now and October, so I will apologize in advance.  I heard on the news today that they are expecting temperatures of 103 degrees this weekend, with a cooling trend in the mid 90's next week. 

I have been reading posts from George and Suzie Yates and Al of the Bayfield Bunch and they have already made it home to Canada where the weather has been down right cold and rainy on many of the days.  I am not sure if I am envious of the cold and rainy weather or not, especially knowing what lies ahead in just a few weeks! :(

Tracy and I are off to an auction tonight, which is held each year to support our church school.  Tracy works at both the church and the school, so we are kind of on the hook, if you will, to attend the event.  The tickets are $50 each and the event is held at WestWorld each year. The food is usually pretty good (buffet, hey what do you expect for $50 bucks?), the drinks are expensive, the company is good and we usually don't bid on much, or anything.  Should be fun, I might even get some pictures of some neat auction items to share over the weekend, if I remember to take the pictures.

I hope your weekend ahead will be great...we were supposed to have family over for a BBQ, but that may not happen. Plans are made to be changed. Be safe and thanks for stopping by!


  1. The auctions sounds like a fun time, enjoy!
    Hope you can handle the hot weather, that's what I love and don't get too much of. But we deal with what we have and make the best of it.

  2. We're having a BBQ at our neighbors here in the park tonight but it's not happening until 7:00 so hopefully we can stand to be outside by then.