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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stripper Pole....Really?

Our youngest daughter Sarah is just finishing her freshman year at ASU and has been bringing her stuff home from her dorm over the last few visits.

Dorm life has been alright, her roommate turned out to be a party girl, but respected Sarah's space and her desire to work hard and get good grades. 

We heard stories about the guys down the hall that smoked and sold marijuana and were finally arrested by campus police.  We also heard about the two girls who had a cat in their dorm all semester long and were finally caught and fined $500. And there was the students who had a George Foreman grill to cook steaks in their rooms, which was totally against the rules.  But last night Sarah topped it all when she told us about a student who lived by herself in a handicapped dorm room down the hall.

Sarah said that none of the students that she knows ever saw this girl and no one was ever seen anyone coming or going from that room.  After the final floor meeting on Sunday, it was time for the preliminary room inspections by the floor monitor.  Sarah said that their room passed with no problem, just some bathroom cleaning and vacuuming next week.  But the big surprise came from the mystery room down the hall when the inspection revealed a stripper pole which had been bolted into the floor and ceiling along with a disco ball that was hanging in the corner of the room.

I read an article not to long ago that a stripper pole can be used for exercise, but I can't quite figure this one out.  I would imagine that someone had to come install the pole and drilling into concrete would have made a racket, so how did this student get past everyone's detection?

I would imagine that ASU won't publish this in their housing guide for incoming freshman and they most likely won't take the parent tours past this dorm room in the future.

San Diego State where Tracy and I went to school was always billed as a "party school" but I can't say that I ever heard of a student with a stripper pole in their dorm room.

Sarah has decided to move off campus next year and I can't say that I am opposed to that change.  Tracy and I had concerns that Sarah might be negatively influenced by her peers when she moved away from home to go to school, but we never imagined that a student five doors down would have a stripper pole.

Oh well, Sarah did a great job this year, she figured out her course of study and is off to a great start with top grades and many new friends. Next year will be a new adventure off campus and we can't wait to see what the future holds for her.

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  1. Ok maybe the pole for exercise, but the Disco ball? hmmmm....

  2. Stripper pole in dorm room -- geezzz, what's the world coming to? Glad your Sarah is doing well -- we have a granddgt Sarah and she's doing well too. Must have something to do with the name...lol.

  3. I guess things have not changed much since I was a younger man..

  4. It was a horrible experience, isn't it? But whoever put that stripper pole and disco ball in that room is mysterious. Imagine he put it in the room without calling the attention of everybody their, that was horrible.

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