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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hard Weekend!

Although the weather was beautiful, it was a hard weekend for Tracy and I.  Our oldest daughter and her husband have been contemplating moving to Oregon to be closer to his family and to pursue new career/schooling opportunities. Stephanie has been hinting around that they would be moving, but she told us Saturday that they have decided to move at the end of May. 

Tracy and I certainly understand their need to build their own life and future, but neither of them have jobs and will be new to the community, which greatly concerns us. May will definitely be a challenging month as they prepare to move and we attempt to get comfortable with the idea.

If that wasn't challenging enough, we received a call this morning saying that Tracy's 97 year old grandmother was not doing well and was not expected to live through the day.  After church, we headed out to be with her and Tracy's parents. At about 9:30pm this evening, we received a call that she had passed away. 

Although she had a strong faith, lived a great life and is certainly in a much better place now, it is still difficult to say goodbye and let go. 

We will spend the day with Tracy's family tomorrow and although it will be sad, we will be there to support one another the way that granny would have wanted us to. 

Sorry for the downer post today, but that is how this weekend turned out.  Hopefully the coming week will be better!

Take care and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Our condolences to you and your family, 97 is a pretty good age.
    Having your daughter move away too will be a big adjustment, but I am sure they will do fine.

  2. So sorry to hear about your loss and I understand your concerns re. the move to OR. Who wouldn't be. But maybe they have better chances to land a job up there. Kids move out and away. IT,s that way in most families. I moved away from home at 25yrs - to another countrt! And again 25 years later to yet another country 5000miles away! At least OR is not too far away from you.

  3. The goal of any parent to me, is to raise a child to "be self sufficient" and to let them be just that. You and your wife should be very proud in that regard. Our son graduated from college in 09 and moved to Corvallis, Oregon from Ga. As an ICU nurse he supports himself. He is now in Portland at a different hospital. While I have no desire to live in Oregon I fully understand his decision.

    Your daughter will most likely do fine. The main thing to remember is that one day she won't be saying "I wish I had gone to Oregon".

  4. So sorry to hear about Terry's loss. We all know Grandma is much happier now but it's always hard on those of us left behind.

    We left our son, he didn't leave us. When we decided to full time we knew that we wouldn't be seeing him near as often but it's done wonders for him to be on his own. And it's also been a great time for Jim and I to reconnect with each other.