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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fastest Physical In The Southwest!

Well today was the day for my annual physical exam.  I arrived at my doctor's office 15 minutes early, paid my co-pay and had a seat in the waiting room.  In the time I took my iPhone out to check my email, my name was called.

It was time to take my temperature, weight and blood pressure.  As you know from earlier posts, I have been trying to lose 20 pounds before this day and was only able to get down 15.  So it was off to wait in the exam room.

Then everything slowed down, I waited 20 minutes until the door opened and my doctor appeared with a doctor in training.  So off with everything and another 10 minute wait until the doctor came back after ordering labs.

Less than 10 minutes later the doctor left the exam room and I was done.  This was a 5 minute time improvement from my last physical at age 49.  Well I have to wonder if my doctor is just getting prepared should "Obama Care" become law.  I am wondering if my physical next year will only be 5 minutes?

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I hope your week is going great and be safe out there!

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