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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crossing Of The Rubicon!

I entitled this post "Crossing Of The Rubicon" because that is what this weekend felt like for me in many ways. The weekend has been busy with dinners, parties and neighborhood get-togethers.

As I wrote on Friday, we had our church school auction, which was attended by about 250 people at WestWorld in Scottsdale. The first crossing of the rubicon for me was the amount of money that was spent by many of those in attendance, which did not include us.

One example during the live auction was two parking places which were offered as reserved spaces with the individual's name during the school week. These sold for $2,500 each. Principal for the day went for $1,200 and were purchased by two families. I have no idea what all of the the silent auction items went for, but I heard that a set of three of the Master's flags below went for $2,000.  Phil Mickelson's caddy's kids go to our school, so Phil was gracious to donate these.

It was kind of fun to observe all of the back and forth bidding that was taking place and it all went to a great cause, but I couldn't connect with the amounts of money that were being bid. I really felt a little out of place when the couples on either side of us had a list of the bids they had won, one totaled $1400 and the other $3400...ours totaled $0.

Yesterday afternoon we had a great BBQ lunch with our kids.  It was fun just hanging out with them and getting caught up on what has been happening in their lives.  With our oldest daughter Stephanie and her husband Randy talking about moving to Oregon this summer, we were sad to think that these casual get-togethers will not occur so often.

Last night was a real crossing of the rubicon for both Tracy and I.  Our neighbors invited us to attend a party at their house with some of their friends and coworkers.  It was very nice that they invited us, but we realized right away that we were the oldest ones there by many years.  I used to wonder how my parents felt when we would invite them to our parties and they would sit and smile most of the evening.  Well, Tracy and I found out last night.

We spoke with many of the folks that were there and the buffet dinner was very nice, but once the jello shots and beer pong began, all bets were off. About 8:00pm, we decided it was time to cut a trail and walk the two houses into our cul-de-sac and call it a night.  We really felt old then, knowing that we were leaving and the party was just getting started.

Well this afternoon, we are invited to another neighbors for drinks, appetizers and bocce ball.  This is a "so long" celebration for one couple who will be headed to their Chicago
home for the summer.

I think this will be more our speed as I don't think there will be any jello shots or beer pong this afternoon, but who knows.

So we will just enjoy this afternoon as our busy weekend of socializing draws to an close and we get ready for what I'm sure will be a busy week.

I wanted to welcome heyduke50 along on our adventure.  In visiting their blog, it looks like they are enjoying the many benefits of fulltiming including great times with their kids and grand kids. We are very much looking forward to that someday ourselves.  Welcome aboard!

That's it for today, thanks for stopping by and take good care!

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  1. We find that as well, hanging out with a younger generation does kinda make you feel old, especially when we go home before the party gets going.
    Most of our rv friends are a few years older than us and when we party its called "Happy Hour" usually late afternoon and may or may not include a meal. That way we are home long before dark. And you know you are getting old when a dance goes from 7 until 10 pm.