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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making Progress...

As many of you know, I have been attempting to install a tire pressure monitoring system on our motorhome and have not had much luck.  I started with the Hopkins System and besides the fact that it looked cheap, it did not register the air pressure on several of the tires, so it went promptly back to Camping World.

The second system that I am attempting to install is the TST System, which came highly recommended on RV.Net.  One of the things that impressed me was the comments regarding their great customer service and ease of installation.  So once the system arrived, I excitedly installed it over the weekend and had high hopes that everything would work well. 

Unfortunately, I was only able to get four of the six tires to register on the system and when I called TST Technical Support, I received a lackluster response from Abby, who said that she didn't know why they weren't registering and she would send out two new sensors.  Thinking that Abby might just be having an off day, I decided to go home and try a couple of things to see if I could get the sensors to register.

So, I decided that because the two sensors that were not registering actually worked on the other tires, that there must be an issue with the valve stem cores not making proper contact.  I found my handy valve stem tool and decided to back the stems out slightly and guess what....the sensors started registering.  My only issue now is that one tire is losing air, so I think I may have backed it off a bit too far.

Because I was a little concerned that I might have other issues as a result of backing out the valve stem cores...like the tire that is going flat right now, I decided to place another call to TST Technical Support to get their opinion of this approach.  Again, Abby answered the phone, sounded less than energized to speak with me and said, Oh yes, we do recommend that approach to our customers when they have a sensor that is not registering.  She went on to say that she didn't tell me that yesterday, because she thought I had bad sensors.  So much for the stellar reviews regarding TST Customer Support.

So when I get home this afternoon, I will attempt to stop the leaking valve stem and hopefully the system will be up and running by later today.  Why is it that I always seem to have the challenging installs rather than the ones that go as advertised?

I hope you are all having a great week...the rain has disappearred here and the temps are starting to go up, so all is good in Arizona!  Have a great day.

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  1. You may be able to buy some longer stems at the Auto Parts store and try the stem inside in your present valve stems. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. After reading all the problems on TBMS I gave up and check our tires consistently on the road, no problems after 6 years full time. Good luck with the issues.