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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Should've Known Better...

Tracy normally strategically places the Camping World Ad at the bottom of the mail stack and I think she hopes I won't find it.  But amazingly, I have a sense of when it should arrive and I rescue it before it hits the recycling bin.

Well this month was no different than all of the others and I happened to see a Hopkins Tire Pressure Monitoring System on sale for $199.  I have read several articles that talk about the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure and the former owner of our rig said that he had a blow out on their final trip prior to our buying the rig.

So I called Camping World to make sure that they had the item in stock (I always call ahead, especially now with gas at close to $4 per gallon) and they said they had one left and would hold it.  When they brought out the unit, it was not in a box but in a plastic bag, which always causes little alarm bells to go off in my head.  They said that the box was on display and that everything was in the bag and that I should have no problem.  So I reluctantly paid for the unit and headed  the 20 miles home.

When I got home, I opened the bag and found some tell tale signs that this unit had been used and returned.  Instead of 6 tire sensors, there were 10, which if they worked, would have been a nice thing.  But as I plugged everything in and started through the process of connecting with each sensor, I realized that the unit was not working correctly, so the unit will have to be returned next week.

I placed a question on RV.Net and there were several posts about the TST system which not only monitors tire pressure but heat and appears to be a much more solid unit.  The unit was $100 more than Camping World's sale price, but TST does not charge for shipping or tax, so I placed an order and hopefully it will arrive and can be installed before our next trip.  

So, the moral to this story is that I should have listened to the little alarm bells and walked away from the purchase, but the $100 savings got the best of me.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, we are sure being spoiled this weekend with perfect weather, a light wind and the smell of orange blossoms in the air.  Take care until next time.


  1. Guess you should have listened to those alarm bells, hope the new system works for you. Cold and rainy here near Dallas TX, we should have stayed in Arizona a bit longer!

    1. George - I hope it works well too. You should have stayed in Arizona...you know you are always welcome!

  2. We couldn't imagine being without our tire pressure system. Ours is a Doran which isn't made anymore but still works great for us. It has saved our rig at least twice from being damaged with a blowout and that works for me.