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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bright and Shiny!

I know that this topic creates much chatter both pro and con on some of the major RV Forums, but for whatever it is worth, I had a great experience with using Red Max Pro #3 (RMP#3) to restore a shine to our 19 year old rig.

Now I want everyone to know that if I had a new rig or even one that still had any life at all left in the fiberglass exterior, I would not recommend using this product.  I will also say that you have to be ready to put in at least a good day of work, depending on how many coats you are going to apply.

I was a little concerned when I saw posts saying the RMP#3 was no longer going to be available at Lowes and when I went to check one of our Scottsdale Lowes location, the shelf was empty and the shelf tag was gone.  But, I was happy to find at least 6 bottles with a shelf tag at another Lowes location in old Scottsdale.

Here is a before and after shots of our rig after applying four coats of RMP#3.

Side before applying RMP#3

Side after applying RMP#3

Again, not suggesting that this is for everyone and since I only applyed it 6 months ago the jury is still out on how long it will last, but I can say from my perspective, it was worth the time and effort!

Thanks again to everyone who wished Tracy a Happy 50th...she had a great day and there doesn't appear to be any negative affects as of yet!  Have a great rest of the week and be safe out there!

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  1. Nice to see that you found a product that works for you. Looking good!

    1. George - It has worked well and made our old rig look nearly new again. I have been meaning to ask you, how do you get the captions to appear on your blog pictures? I use Picasa and I add captions, but they don't appear. I presume that I am doing something wrong and would appreciate any guidance that you could provide. Thanks and safe travels to Texas.

  2. Way too many people out there waxing their rigs. Makes me realize that we really need to get ours done but it's not something Jim can do for awhile yet. Maybe as a surprise I'll see if I can find somebody who will do it for him. Shh.