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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun In Hong Kong!

Thanks for all the well wishes for Sarah and Chuck as they undertook their Spring Break adventure to Hong Kong.

We Skyped with them last evening, that is sure a wonderful, free way to communicate, and they are doing great. Chuck said that they have been putting in 16 hour days, but have been seeing some beautiful sights, while visiting with Sarah's friend Jesse who is studying there.

It was sure great to see them on my iPad and to know that they are doing well. Sarah posted the picture below on her FaceBook page and said that she would give $10 to anyone who could guess what the food is on her chopsticks. She said it was part of their dinner and was delicious. I responded back and asked if it was $10 Hong Kong or U.S. and haven't heard back yet. I am sure that my guess of Almond Kitty was not correct anyway. :-(
We want to welcome our latest follower Tammy Fletcher to our little adventure.  Tammy has a great blog The Fletcher's Travels which you should definitely visit.  She posted a tour of their great new home on wheels and it sure looks comfortable.  Welcome aboard Tammy and we look forward to you and your husband's adventures as a new fulltimers. Thanks for the visit and we hope your week is going just great!


  1. Your like me, as I would have said fried fish heads.... But then that wouldn't have made me too popular... but that's nothing new.... It seems like a wonderful opportunity for broadening a young person's perspective...

  2. We don't know anything about skyping but need to learn. I know it must be great to see your loved one and talk to them too. Thank you for the shout out appreciate the kind words. We are getting alot more done this week. Hard to believe we leave in 18 days. Is she eating some kind of meat? Hmmm I'm curious now.

  3. Gotta love the internet for keeping in touch. Keep us updated

  4. I haven't really used much skype but know quite a few people who do. It sure is less expensive than making a phone call for sure.

  5. I hope your wrong about the kitty thing haha you hear about all the wierd stuff they eat.
    So happy they are having a wonderful time.