I have been enjoying visiting blogs and decided to start my own, even though I don't know what I am doing or if anyone will even be interested in reading what I have to say. I am a 50 year old management consultant who has been married to the the love of my life for 30 years and have two grown daughters and a son-in-law who we are very proud of. We are blessed to live in Scottsdale Arizona and are enjoying getting out and experiencing it in our RV! Thanks for stopping by our blog and please consider joining us, who knows where we will go...Kevin & Tracy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Toy!

Well I have been looking for months for a Toad Tow Vehicle to haul behind Iris.  As much as we like relaxing in our camping spot, one of the downsides is not being able to explore our surroundings beyond hiking and biking.  

I have been looking at Trackers/Sidekicks and most are in bad to very bad shape at very high cost.  I happened to find one on Craigslist that the owner was attempting to sell as a package deal with his motor home, but I convinced his to sell it to me separately. 

My New Project!

I drove it last night and although it does not ride like a Cadillac, I have to remember that it is a four wheel drive and weighs less than 3000 pounds.

I can't say that Tracy is trilled with the idea of our new addition to the RV equipment family, but I think once we are out exploring, she will talk to me again. :-)

So more details to follow, I now have another project to keep me busy and I can't wait to get out and about.  Hope you are having a great week, thanks for the visit and don't forget to VOTE!


  1. You'll love the freedom of having a toad. Hope it works out well for you.

  2. Yep eventually you need the Toad and now you can do lots more stuff, enjoy!

  3. Here's hoping Tracy will also fall in love with it. And I'm pretty sure she will - eventually. Hee Hee. More projects to keep you out of trouble

  4. That should make for a great toad! With those, you don't have to usually worry about breaking with the 3,000 lbs. Our Jeep weighs in at 4,500 lbs. and requires an expensive breaking system to help slow things down. Too bad they stopped making those smaller 4 wheel drive vehicles...

  5. I don't know that Tracy will grow to love it but she will be happy you have it. When I had my class c I didn't have a toad I had to rely on others and that just wasn't any fun at all. I missed doing lots of exploring that way. Have fun

  6. Congratulations on your new vehicle...... You will love having added transportation while you're out and about. Thank you for welcoming us back

  7. Thanks for the positive feedback regarding our new addition. I will pick it up on Saturday and look forward to taking care of some necessary maintenance and repairs before we take it out on our new adventure. More to follow!

  8. It's the perfect toad for those hard to reach out of the way places... the ms will fall in love with it as soon as you take her there. I highly recommend the jeep trails around Lovely Ouray Colorado... during summer, of course.
    Box Canyon Mark... exploring Zion as we speak.