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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween...Not So Much!

As kids grow up and move out of the house, things change, some of those changes are good, and some, not so much.  Halloween is one of those changes that is not so good in my opinion.  

As a family, we always looked forward to Halloween.  Picking out costumes, carving the pumpkin, attending Trunk R Treat events and taking the kids around the neighborhood to trick or treat.  

Now that our girls have grown up and are doing their own thing, Tracy and I are left to carve the pumpkin and prepare for the big day.  I have to say that our pumpkin does not look as good as the pumpkins that our daughters carved in prior years and I sure miss going house to house in the neighborhood with the girls. 

Looks a little like the Abominable Snowman

Along with our situation changing, our neighborhood is changing as well.  As the girls were growing up, we would typically have 75-100 trick or treaters and each year, that number has been reduced significantly.  

Scarecrows in Place!
Last night we were all set up and ready to go with the pumpkins glowing, the scarecrows all in place and the candy bowl brimming to the top with every type of sweet treat.  Tracy and I were ready to answer the door and hear trick or treat and see all of the cute costumes.  
Pumpkins Glowing!
Very Few Kids To Greet :(
We were prepared, but we only ended up having about 15 kids, which was really disappointing.  At the end of the night, we still had a half a bag of candy sitting in the kitchen and no kids to give it to.  

So after a lackluster night, I asked Tracy to take the candy to work, because I knew that it would start calling to me as soon as I arrived home from work and I certainly don't need those extra calories.  

So we will take down the decorations tonight, throw the wilting pumpkin in the garbage and get ready for our second camping trip of the season this weekend.  That should certainly help to pull us out of our funk for sure.

I hope your Halloween night was safe and happy and thanks for the visit!


  1. Sounds like the aging process, same here in Dardenne Prairie, the last few year we don't see any kids anymore,I know all the neighbor kids are grown and ours are all grown the youngest is 30 now plus I can't help but think they don't want to walk up a long driveway. When it was rural the neighbors would hitch up a tractor to a decorated wagon and take all the kids around trick or treating in that. at certain neighbors there would be adult beverages and it would be a really fun night, Haven't done that in years now.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. We have done Halloween at Lazy Lakes resort in Cambria New York the last several years and always lotsa kids every year. Close to 200 this year, no time to get depressed here.
    Enjoy your camping trip.

  3. Living in a 55+ park means no trick or treaters. Guess I'm getting used to it. In fact the last few years in the stix and bricks, we would only get 10 or 15. Just not safe any more.

  4. We were at least expecting ONE group of children coming along for treats. Alas, the candy wasn't even touched at all. NO KIDS...can you believe it. What's going on?

  5. Your take on Halloween is like ours. We only had 10 kids come to the door - unlike the 70 to 100 in past years. I wonder what is up with that?

    We have far too much candy hanging around here now!

  6. We made sure we had some candy in case there were kids in this campground, but none at all. We made sure that candy went to good use, and passed it around at the campfire :)

  7. It is different once the kids leave home that's for sure. Like you, we have a couple of big bags of candy to get rid of.

  8. I also hear this from lots of people. I live in a 55 + park but some of the residents would dress up and pass candy out at the gate house. A few years ago they had 3 kids and after that no none. We have lots of apt. around but I think that parents are just afraid these days. I hear they put on partys at their homes.