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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My MVD Experience!

It was time to head down to the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) to register our, new to us, Toad and I have to admit that I was really dreading it.  Yesterday was the observation of the Veteran's Day holiday and the office was closed, so I figured today would be absolutely crazy.  
People Making A Run For The Door!

Even though I had fear and trepidation, I bravely headed down to the MVD Office in Scottsdale, arriving at 8:45am.  The women at the counter, who looked like her best friend had just passed away asked me why I was there.  I thought for two seconds that I should maybe say something witty like I had nothing better to do, or I stopped by to see your smiling face and experience your engaging personality, but I thought better of it and just said I was there to register a car.

I went and took a seat amongst the sea of other people who looked like they would much rather be getting a Colonoscopy than waiting for their number to be called out on the big red board.  

Waiting For My Number To Be Called!

It was fun to see the dads and moms with their young (they really do look very, very young, the older I get) sons and daughters waiting nervously for their driving tests. Some of those parents looked like they had actually had a Colonoscopy and had not yet came out of the anesthesia. Could just be a reaction to their new insurance rates now that they have a 16 year old driver.

Anyway, I sat mesmerized by the flashing numbers and the computer generated voice that appeared to come from the heavens.  I kept looking at my little scrap of paper each time a number was called out and held back shouting out BINGO on a couple of occasions.    

Come On J995!
I had packed my mid morning snack, a thermos of coffee and my lunch, remembering the days of old at the MVD.  My number was J995 and as I watched and listened, I heard I, S, O, A, etc., etc., etc., but no J's.  Could the lady who so warmly greeted me have read my mind and gave me a number that would never be called?  Would I eat through all of my survival supplies and still be here with no dinner to consume?

But then it happened, J989 was called and flashed on the big red board, the tension grew and I held back a scream of excitement.  Then almost immediately following, I heard J990, J991, J992, I couldn't believe it, I was only half way through my box of Krispy Creme Donuts and then it happened, J995...BINGO!

I jumped up, gathering my cooler and supplies and headed to window 18 with a big smile on my face and a "good morning" to the women who appeared to be the twin sister of the greeter at the front door.  As good morning was partially out of my mouth, she said your number?  J995 of course and I held it up in self defense, so that she didn't leap over the desk and choke me into unconsciousness.  

She then said, why are you here?  I learned from my earlier experience with her twin at the front desk to only give her a very brief and precise response, which I did.  She said Title and Driver's License, which she very efficiently ripped from my hands and then she was off to the races.  

Her hands were flying all different directions, she was keying stuff into the computer, stamping papers, running things through her printer, all while talking to her co-worker on the telephone and then she said, that will be $24.68 and your registration is good for 15 months.  Hot dog, no emissions test until February 2014, shiny new AZ License Plates, Registration and Sticker, Title and we were out the door at 9:15am!

Wow, only 30 minutes out of my life and I was free to go.  I didn't even get time to start in on my lunch or play the electronic trivia game next to the big red board, but maybe next time...NOT!
No Time For Trivia!

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Well I am off to Washington DC for meetings tomorrow and I hope to have some pictures to share with you later this week.  Until then, be safe out there and thanks for the visit.


  1. Wow. Cheap and easy. Sure this ain't fiction?

  2. Only 30 minutes??? Are you sure? Come on now. Tell the truth. lol Have fun in DC. After living there for 15 years, it's a great place to visit.

  3. Hilarious. I believe the two women you encountered, while patiently waiting to register your little sport ute, have a few cousins up here on the west coast of Canada. Yes, I am sure I met and had dealings with a couple of them these past few months. Must be the same gene pool!!!!!

  4. Way too easy, but you it done.... good for you.

  5. I had to LOL..I've many times been in a DMV and wanted to shout out 'BINGO'. :)

  6. You are just to funny. But at least you didn't spend all day there.