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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Moving Day!

Well today is the day that Sarah has been looking forward to for weeks. She is moving into a house with two other roommates for her sophomore year at ASU. Sarah made a firm decision that she could not live another year in the dorms, so she set out to find just the right place to live this school year.  

The house they have rented is a 1950's era three bedroom, two bath, two blocks from the school. The owner gets $1400 per month rent and has no problem keeping this house or her two other rentals close by, rented. I told Tracy that I wished we had been smart enough to get into this type of business several years ago..oh well.

Sarah has been packing for weeks and so far we have filled my business partner's Kia Sorento, Sarah's car and her boyfriend's mom's Suburban. I had to remind her that she only has one small bedroom in the house.

So we were on the road promptly at 10:00am under overcast skies, which were very much to our liking. When we arrived at the house, we found to our surprise that the key for house that we picked up last night was actually for the laundry room rather than the house. Note to self, always check keys prior to leaving all future rentals.

So with some telephone calls and text messages, we were able to get the key and begin the move in process, just about an hour later than we had hoped.

Of course after we unloaded, it was time to head out to lunch and then IKEA for some more furniture and kitchen necessities.

As I added up the receipts over the last few days,I think the dorms and the required meal plan costs might have been a better deal. The good news is that Sarah is all moved in and ready to start another great school year and that's what counts.

I want to welcome Kate of Kate and Terry-Travels in Cholula Red as our latest blog follower. If you have a moment, please visit their blog to see some great pictures of vintage trailers that are well worth your time.

Hope your Sunday was great, below are some pictures from our day and thanks for joining us!

Oh no...the key doesn't work!
IKEA...working the list with Mom.
Where will it all go?

My Project!


  1. Nice to see that Sarah is all moved in a settled good job guys.

  2. Exciting times. Hope Sarah has a great year and enjoys her new digs!