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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Your Opinions Worked Against Me...Or Maybe Not!

Well thanks for all of your opinions and advice regarding our dishwasher replacement debate. I told Tracy that I made the post and she laughed and said I probably wouldn't get any responses, well boy was she wrong.

Within two minutes of posting, we had our first response from Barak Strickland of Brunch with Barak who said that he and his wife have always washed their dishes by hand, which he felt provided for some great conversation time. As much as I appreciated Barak's quick response and advice, I would much rather find other activities that Tracy and I could do to converse more that wouldn't result in dish pan hands.:-)

So at that point Tracy kept checking with me to find out if we had any more comments.  As they rolled in I would read them to her and they all seemed to be going her way, unfortunately for me.

Of the nine responses received, only two said replace the dishwasher now rather than wait until it dies.  Mike of Phannie and Mae said that we should ditch the house and hit the road fulltime...oh how I would love to do that, but we are at least 12 years out from that unfortunately.

A few of you said to avoid the Maytag dishwasher and go with the LG, which was Tracy's choice because of the adjustable racks and the ability to wash Tupperware on both the top and bottom racks.  Of course that unit was $200 more than the Maytag, Tracy always has good taste when she spends money.

Tracy and I started the day early with a walk around the neighborhood before going to church.  I told her about the four comments that had come in overnight and it appeared that we were going to be waiting until our current dishwasher died.

Then after church, Tracy asked if I had seen the LG Dishwasher anywhere cheaper than Home Depot.  So I quickly did a web search and HD had the best price of all.  During my search, I found an online coupon from LG for a $40 Visa Card to offset the install cost.  Well HD was already discounting the install price by $50, so that meant that with the $40 Visa Card from LG, that the install would only be $9.  That offer was only good through the end of the month.

So this was the point where things started to shift my way...Tracy said that was a pretty good offer at a $240 savings overall.  Now the Maytag was no longer even in the mix and it was LG all the way.

We met Sarah and her boyfriend Jake at Dilly's Deli for soup and sandwiches, which were delicious, and then a drive by of the house we will be renting for her in August when the new semester at ASU begins.

On the way home we swung by HD and did the deal on the LG Dishwasher as this was the last day of the sale.  The install will be July 21st, so I can only hope that our current GE unit dies on July 20th.
The Winner!

Tracy and I want to thank all of you who responded and provided us with your sage advice. Even though it looked like I was going to lose the debate, I think we both won, with Tracy getting the LG Dishwasher with the features she wanted and me not having to wait and saving $240.  That has been the kind of give and take that has helped to make our marriage work over the last 30 years and hopefully that won't change anytime soon.

I want to welcome Susan of Travel Bug  as our latest follower. Check out her most recent post of her trip to San Antonio Texas, one of my favorite places to visit.  Welcome aboard Susan and thanks for joining us!

I hope you are all having a great weekend and I hope your upcoming week is even better.  Take care and thanks for the visit.


  1. Hi,
    Happy to be here.

    Good to see your dishwasher issue is resolved. Sounds like a good choice.


  2. Sorry being on the road and now playing catch-up.
    1. Replace the dishwasher to add resale value of the home.
    2 Do the dishes by hand will not only give conversation time but conserve water and electricity as well as doing a better job then the machine.
    3. Sell the house put the money into a high interest earning account. You can travel with the RV and still work part-time maybe writing off travel expenses in the process. If your fulltiming what do you need to keep the house for in the first place.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Well glad that's settled!! Good luck with the install.

  4. Good choice on machines. and enjoy the free time not having to do dishes.

  5. Glad to be of help spending YOUR money!! Good choice.