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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Your Opinion Please...

Tracy and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage on Tuesday.  For those of you who have followed our blog, we don't always agree on things, especially when it involves money.

So here is where we need your input...we have lived in our home for over 19 years and when we purchased the home, the dishwasher was original and was over 10 years old with a chain to hold the door from falling off.  We split the cost with the original owner to replace the dishwasher.

The replacement lasted 10 years and died, the latest one has lasted 7 years and sounds like a jet taking off every time we use it.

We went out to our favorite Chinese restaurant last evening with friends and stopped by Home Depot on our way home to check prices on replacement dishwashers.  HD has a July 4th sale going on and had two that we really liked, a Maytag and an LG, both were stainless steel, which would match the rest of our new appliances. The sale was $200 off each unit with $49 installation and haul away, which is a $50 savings.

LG Unit at $678, this is the one Tracy likes...

Maytag at $498 - This is the one I like...
As I have admitted in prior posts, I am the spender and Tracy is the saver and that has not changed in 30 years.  My vote is to take advantage of the sale price on the dishwasher and installation cost and replace the dishwasher now before it completely dies or the motor shoots up through the counter top and lands in the dinning room some evening.  Tracy votes to wait for the dishwasher to die and replace it then.

So, I know that the many people who follow our blog are very intelligent and knowledgeable in these types of decisions and can help us to make the right decision.  My position is why wait and take a chance that the units we like will not be on sale and that installation will be at full price.  Tracy's position is why spend the money now when our current dishwasher may last for a while yet. So what do you think?  Your input could ensure that we have another 30 happy years together. Thanks in advance for your advice and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Here's my best advice for FREE!
    Use the existing dishwasher until it dies.
    When it finally dies don't replace it. When you need to do dishes one of you washes and the other one dries...guaranteed good conversation time.
    For better results start the hand washing now and get immediate benefits :-)
    My wife and I didn't have dishwasher for the first 12 years of marriage and the above system worked great. When we built our new house in 2002 of course we installed a new dishwasher. The dishes, and our conversation time, haven't been the same since.

  2. I vote with Tracy. If the present one is still working keep it.

  3. On all things to do with the kitchen, I find it best to defer to my wife!

  4. I would also add that getting used to washing dishes by hand is a good skill set to have for the RV. So even though my first instinct is to say buy it now and get it over with, I rethought it and think you need to just hang on to it till it dies.

  5. In our entire life together (25yrs.)we have had a dishwasher for just 8 months only. And that was because we bought a house where the dishwasher was included. Then we moved on. We always do the dishes together and won't have it any other way. Same abstinencia we have for TVs.

    But, by all means if you guys want a new machine I'd buy an LG now. Would not want the Maytag though.
    That's MY two-pence of advice.

  6. After 38 years of marriage I have no hesitation in suggesting that you defer to Tracy. If mama aint happy no one else is happy.

  7. Instead of ditching the dishwasher, ditch the house and hit the road in your RV. Now that's big talk coming from someone who hasn't done it yet, but I sure would like to. My vote is to run your old DW until it gives up the ghost. It may outlast us all.

  8. Interesting advice on hand washing the dishes. I can do without a garbage disposal (never had one - ever) and I can do without a TV (went without for many years - by choice) but I HATE washing dishes by hand. I'd get the LG now and not have to worry about your old one going out just when you have a huge pile of dirty dishes. Agree with Peter about Maytag - they're not what they used to be. Good luck and hope you make it to 31!!

  9. 10 years in my restaurant I had no dishwasher we did them all by hand. Only when we renovated our kitchen in the house did we install a dishwasher. Only to sell it all a few years later to go fulltime. We enjoy the time spent doing dishes together once again in our coach.
    I would wait until this one quits then if you need one, not the Maytag.