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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Love of my Life...Really?

I have been enjoying reading the wisdom that Becky Shade has shared in her recent blog posts regarding living a happier and more fulfilled life as a result of our experiences versus our possessions.  According to her profile, Becky is a 28 year old who gave up the 9 to 5, sold everything and is full-timing in a 17 foot Casita.

Well, I wish I could have had Becky's wisdom when I was her age, but I didn't. Today I received an email with the following advertisement for Mercedes Benz with the tag line "Start a summer fling with the love of your life."

I have to say that as recently as five years ago, this type of ad would have gotten my heart racing and my persuasive juices flowing as I would have been trying to figure out how I too could start a summer fling with the love of my life. 

But things have changed, I don't know if it is the poor economy, the fact that I turned 50 this year and would like to someday retire or I have finally gotten a little wiser. 

No matter what the reason, I now realize that the love of my life is my Lord, my wife, my family and my country. Like Becky, I now know that a new Mercedes would be very exciting for a while...ok, maybe quite a while, but in the long fun, it is only a possession and certainly not the love of my life by any means.  

I only wished that I could have come to this great wisdom 22 years earlier, with thousands of dollars more in the bank.  Oh well, I will chalk it up to living and learning.  Thank goodness there are faster learners out there like Becky.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your experiences, those you love and all of the opportunities that you have been given and make the most out of your upcoming weekend!


  1. Hopefully you have had some very good times in the last 22 years. Savings or not, life is what it is. Any day above ground is a good one.

  2. That makes 2 of us. I just moved into a travel trailer up here in the White Moutains and realized how much stuff I have and don't need. Donating lots of stuff to charity

  3. So young to be so wise. Some folks never reach your level of maturity in a lifetime. Congratulations on having your priorities straight.

  4. So true about enjoying life and not the material possessions that one can waste money on, great posting.

  5. I so agree - if only I could have figured it out years ago. And now I have a child that I wish would figure out but he won't listen. The love of his life would still be the Mercedes. But I keep trying.