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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Amongst The Roses And A Near Miss!

Yesterday was another perfect day here in Oregon. We set out to see the International Rose Test Garden in Portland and boy were we glad we did.  

The garden is set in the middle of Washington Park and has a beautiful view of the city.  Although we were a little late to see the roses in their full beauty, we did see many award winners.  

The day was so nice that we decided to visit the Japanese Garden just up the hill which opened at noon.  After a brief snack, we headed up the hill, paid our $9.50 per person (no senior discounts yet) and headed into the garden.  

The gardens were absolutely beautiful and I would recommend a visit if you haven't already seen it. We covered the entire park ourselves and as we were getting ready to exit the garden, a free tour was assembling, so we joined them.  This having no place to be and nothing really to do, is fun!

Our tour guide was excellent and showed us things in the garden that we had missed our first time through.  She also provided us with the history and meaning of things within the garden, which took our visit to a whole new level.  Our hour with her was well worth the time and we hated to see it end.  

On the way home I had a call from my business partner and noticed a motorcycle cop with his lights on behind me.  Tracy said I don't think you are allowed to talk on the cell while driving...shoot, I didn't know that!  About the time that I was pulling over to the side of the road, he went around me and pulled a van over that had pulled in front of me as we were merging onto I405. Whew, what a break and I will be using the speakerphone from now on!

Had a nice dinner with the kids at home last night and watched several episodes of My Cat From Hell! This show is about a wild looking guy named Jackson Galaxy who is a band member by night and deals with cat behavior issues by day. This show is pretty wild, if you haven't seen it. 

We are off to see friends that we haven't seen for 15 years in Troutdale today and then off to Steph's school in Canby this afternoon, so the adventures continue!  Thanks for the visit and we hope your day is going great as well!


  1. We will get to see these beautiful gardens next year.

  2. You are right. The Portland Rose Gardens are gorgeous and the view is one you can't find in many places around the city. Glad you didn't get ticketed, Those flashing lights behind us aren't something we look forward to seeing.

  3. Nice time to visit with the family and site seeing at the same time.

    More and more places are changing their laws against distracted driving. In Ontario the officer no longer has to prove you were using the phone for texting or talking. If it is in your hand even if it is turned off you're busted. You definitely want a good hands free device to use. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I think Portland is one of the prettiest cities I've ever seen. Especially on those days when the weather is cooperating. Glad you got a good enough scare to keep you from talking on the phone while driving.

  5. You know you were very lucky not to be pulled over by that cop. And it probably went that way because he had already set his mind to that other vehicle. When we go down the road and a vehicle in front of us behaves in a strange way we know the driver is on the phone. Even in tight morning rush traffic we have seen MOTHERS WITH KIDS on the phone. If our phone rings while we drive either my wife takes, we stop along the way side or I let it go to auto answer. I can always return the call later. It's a whole lot safer that way. Believe you me.

  6. We loved the Rose garden, such beautiful specimens! Didn't make it to the Japanese garden. You got lucky with the cop!

  7. So glad you have good weather. Portland is a beautiful city and has a very manageable, walkable downtown core. I worked downtown at AAA for six years and spent lots of time walking the city during lunch hours. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  8. We also enjoyed the gardens when we visited our son in Portland last year. If you are still in the Portland area I recommend that you try these two eateries, Pine State Biscuits and Voodoo Donuts.

  9. I have never used a cell phone when driving, and the laws are pretty sricky on that now mot anywhere.
    Sure is nice to have some free time just to do whatever you feel like, you should try it more often, it is a great lifestyle.

  10. sounds like you are having a great time. Garden Tours are a wonderful way to see and know what plants your are looking at.

    continue to enjoy your visit.