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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Always Sad To Say Goodbye & Camping!

We have had a wonderful week with our kids, playing games, hiking, shopping, a trip to a brewery and lots of great meals and deserts.

This week, like every week has flown by and it was time to say goodbye as our kids are headed back to Oregon.

I knew that Rick and Paulette are headed south on Highway 5 to Palm Springs, so I showed them Rick's Blog and told them to say Hello from us if the happened to see them.

So Rick, if you see a young couple coming towards you and the guy is in black shorts and a beanie with a knit beard no matter what the weather is, those are our kids, so don't call the Police please:-).

Knowing that today would be a day for tears, I made reservations at one of our favorite campgrounds through New Years Eve. I figured packing up and heading out would take our mind off of the sadness and hiking couldn't hurt my Christmas bulge around the waistline.

So if any if you happen to be at the Cave Creek Campground, stop by Space #12 and say Hello!

We hope that your weekend is great, your travels are safe and thanks for the visit!

UPDATE: Made it up to the campground safe and sound. Had never towed our new to us toad for any distance and our motor home pulled it with no problems, didn't even realize that it was behind us. We are enjoying our time up here so far, can't wait for the s'mores!

Spot #12, Very Nice!


  1. Three beautiful ladies....you're a lucky man!

  2. Ahh, yes, the tears do flow when we have to say good-bye to our kids and grandchildren !!

    Good idea on the RV trip, you have to stay busy or just get sad.

    My waist line is being stretched to the limit as well... lol.

    Take care ... TnT

  3. Good looking kids! Hope you have a wonderful camping trip. Would love to see blue sky like that this time of year.

  4. It seems that no matter how little you eat after a certain age it goes south and hangs around. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. But what wonderful memories you have of this special Christmas. And you got to get away for a few days. I am so looking forward to going to Q shortly. Not sure if we remember how to move the rig.

  6. Have not camped in Cave Creek but we did golf there. Awesome course....but I recall the early morning T-off had us wishing for long underwear.

    It is sad to see our kids leave. We share your thoughts on that.

  7. We're camped in site 33. Stop by and say hi and we'll try and do the same. We love it here.....Ingrid and Al

    1. Ingrid and Al - Thanks for the invite, we will stop by on one of our walks later today!

  8. Family gone, camping, is a good time to relax and enjoy the smores. It is nice to have the toad thou isn't it?

  9. Great pic of 'the girls' - you have a beautiful family.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the 'beanie-monster'! If I see him on the highway I'll just wave instead of running for cover!!