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Friday, October 18, 2013

Oregon Parks!

Well our days here in a Oregon are quickly coming to an end and it will be time to head back to our Arizona home tomorrow. 

We have sure enjoyed our week here and have covered a lot of beautiful ground. Yesterday we had a wonderful lunch at the Chart House on the top of the hill in Portland with our SIL Randy's Grandparents. It was a real treat with great food and beautiful views of the city and mountains in the distance. 

We have sure enjoyed the parks here in Oregon, they are beautifully manicured and the facilities are second to none.  Tracy and I enjoyed exploring a park on a hill near Old Town Sherwood and then yesterday we visited George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego, which was set right on the river with great hiking trails and beautiful surroundings.  I would highly recommend it!

Old Town Sherwood was a little disappointing because the businesses have closed due to renovations in the area as well as the tough economy.  We spoke with one business owner who said she had been there for 20 years and was struggling to keep her doors open. It is always sad to see an area struggling financially, I hope they make it!

Many of you know that Tracy is allergic to onions and garlic, which makes eating out a little challenging. I saw the sign in Sherwood announcing the Great Onion Festival and couldn't resist taking a picture of it for Tracy. I can assure you that she won't be attending. 

Susan caught my error in my Wednesday post regarding lake homes along Wilsonville Road. She was absolutely correct that they are not lake homes, but rather beautiful homes along the river that unfortunately could not be seen from the road, at least the road we were on. :-(

Today we are off to Colene Clemens Winery with Steph and Randy. Both were able to get the day off, so we are looking forward to having a great day amongst the grapes. 

Hope your week had been great and thanks for the visit!


  1. Such a wonderful vacation you had, to bad it has to end so soon.
    Ready for another yet?

  2. It's going to be hard to have to go back to work. I always hated that part of a vacation. You really have had some great times. I can't imagine being allergic to garlic and onions. Two of my favorite foods. I'm sure she was really impressed with your picture. lol Weather is still perfect.

  3. I must get to Oregon, My friend is from there and they go back every summer. I see so many beautiful pictures. Sorry you had to leave but the weather here has been beautiful.