I have been enjoying visiting blogs and decided to start my own, even though I don't know what I am doing or if anyone will even be interested in reading what I have to say. I am a 50 year old management consultant who has been married to the the love of my life for 30 years and have two grown daughters and a son-in-law who we are very proud of. We are blessed to live in Scottsdale Arizona and are enjoying getting out and experiencing it in our RV! Thanks for stopping by our blog and please consider joining us, who knows where we will go...Kevin & Tracy.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Great Day With Friends!

I was going to use the title of "Great Day With Old Friends" because we haven't seen our friends Bingo and Sharon for over 15 years, but I didn't want anyone to mistakenly think I was referring to them as old!

We have been having an amazing time here in Oregon and yesterday was no exception.  We connected with Bingo and Sharon who live in Troutdale, OR for breakfast and sight seeing.  Although we haven't seen them for over 15 years, it was like we had just seen them yesterday and the conversation flowed easily. 

Bingo was a great tour guide and took us up the Columbia River Gorge and to Multnomah Falls, he even lent us heavy jackets and beanies to wear, because he knows we are wimps from AZ when it comes to cold weather. :-)

From there we went to the Bonneville Dam and fish hatchery to visit Herman, the seven foot Stergeon. He and his friend gave us a real show. 

Then it was time to head south as Bingo was off to work where he teaches Drivers Education. We headed down to see Stephanie's classroom and to have dinner with she and Randy at a local Mexican Restaurant.

Today we are off to have lunch with Randy's Grandparents in Canby, followed by a drive by the lake homes on Wilsonville Road and maybe even a visit to Camping World if time permits.  

I am really starting to enjoy this lifestyle, it will be hard to get back to reality next week. Thanks for stopping by and be safe out there!


  1. We've been down that gorge and those falls are just incredible. However, we didn't need winter coats. lol

  2. Lake homes on Wilsonville Rd.? I'd like to know where those are. We lived and worked in the Wilsonville area for 11 years and I don't remember a lake. Maybe they were homes on the Willamette River? We had a home on the river for those 11 years with a water ski boat, large deck overlooking the river with a hot tub. That was a beautiful place to live!

  3. Keep enjoying that lifestyle and make plans for an early retirement. You know we too soon old and can't do the stuff we want. Do it while you can.

  4. Whenever we have visitors to the Portland area that's where I want to take them too. A visit to Portland isn't complete without a trip to Multnomah Falls.