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Monday, September 30, 2013

RV'ers Are Great!

Well I had a great time at Fool Hollow Lake in Show Low for four days.  I had every type of weather, wind, rain, cold and beautiful sunshine.  The nights got a little chilly and I was not as prepared as I should have been!
My Nice Spot!

Spent most of my days working on IRIS, hiking and riding my bike around the area.  Didn't particularly like the split campsite that I was in, as it didn't provide for much privacy.

With that being said, I did have some great neighbors.  The first day my neighbors were two women from Phoenix who wanted to buy our Suzuki Sidekick, which we lovingly refer to as the "Tin Can". They said they had been looking for years and had never came across one as clean and nice.  That was a very nice compliment for sure, but I told them that the Tin Can was not for sale!

My next neighbor was a couple in a tent trailer from the West Valley of Phoenix who were up to celebrate their Birthdays.  They were slow cooking ribs that smelled wonderful and I'm not sure if I was looking hungry or what, but they offered me dinner.  They said they had friends who were supposed to join them from the Valley, but they chickened out because they thought it was going to be too cold.  I invited them to join me in IRIS for dinner and I heated up their potatoes and macaroni and cheese in the microwave.  We all enjoyed a great dinner and conversation, while our electric fireplace kept us all warm!
Beautiful View!

I took a trek in the Tin Can to visit Ginny and Mickey who are neighbors of Jim and Sandie of Where Are The Dixons Today? fame, when they are in Apache Junction.  They were staying close to Fool Hollow Lake and Tracy and I had met them at McDowell Mountain last year when they were camping there.  We had a great conversation and it was as if we had been friends for years.  We have actually never met Jim and Sandie except through their blog, but it sure has been great getting to know their neighbors and I committed that we would all get together this year for sure!

Finally, my last neighbors arrived Saturday afternoon, a family with two boys and friend who were camping near them. They invited me for a beer and conversation around the campfire.  Unfortunately I had already fired up my campfire and was enjoying listening to ASU Football on my headphones, so I thanked them for their hospitality, but declined.  

Well, with all that visiting with great RV'ers, it was unfortunately time to head back down the mountain and back into the oven and reality.  I left my site at 6:45am and I arrived at home just after the start of the Cardinals game at 10:00am.  It sure was a great time to leave, as I hit very little traffic and the scenery was beautiful in the early morning sun!
My Walk Along The Lake!

It was great to get home to Tracy and catch up on all of the things she was up to over the weekend.  We dreamed about what it will be like when we have more time to travel and enjoy more of what I experienced over the last four days.  

Until then, we will have to continue to get away as much as possible and continue to connect with great people like I had the pleasure to meet and spend time with during this adventure. I hope your adventures are going great and thanks as always for stopping by!   


  1. Yours was a very nice getaway. Your rig is clean and shiny and you got to meet more RV friends. Can't beat that!

  2. I know it was cold up that way but you sure can't beat the great neighbors you had. We will definitely be getting together. Soon.

  3. We have met the best people on our travels. Some will last a lifetime :)

  4. It is such a great lifestyle, so many people out there to meet everyplace you go. Getting out more often is good for the soul.

  5. Sounds to me like you had a great weekend and met some nice folks. Can't beat that.

  6. Its always fun to get away from the daily grind. Glad you managed a wonderful little trip. Soon the temps will be cooling :-)

  7. I love Fool Hollow Lake. Yes the nights were getting cooler by then. I don't know if you read that I sold my travel trailer in Pinetop in mid July? what a bummer that was to come back to Tucson in the humidity and heat. YUCK! I finally got my camper shell in Oct. after many delays and bad business people. So went up to Big Lake end of Sept. for a week. Talking Cold Here!. I sure won't be doing anymore camping trips without electric in the winter. LOL. Hope Tracy gets to go for a nice 4 day weekend with you soon.
    And yes RVer's are great folks.