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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cold, Windy And Rainy = No Fun!

After a long work week, I was really looking forward to a great weekend of rest and relaxation at McDowell Mountain Park. When we arrived last night, we knew that there was a chance for some rain, but we had no idea of the stormy evening that laid ahead!

Tracy and I were looking forward to our evening fire and S'mores, but the wind kicked up and the temperature felt like it dropped 10-15 degrees quickly. So to ensure that we didn't miss out, we decided to have our fire and S'mores for our snack before dinner.

We decided to call it an early evening in anticipation of the wind, and it sure didn't let us down.

It started with light rain followed by heavy rain throughout the night, and then about 2:30am, the wind kicked up to the point that I thought the roof on Iris was going to be torn off and end up in the fountain at Fountain Hills.

All in all, Tracy and I got about four hours of sleep as the rig shook side to side all night. So this afternoon will be reading and naps by the fireplace, with the hope that tonight will be a little less raucous!

Hope your weekend is going great and thanks for the visit!
Clouds Started Rolling In!
Wind and Rain!
New Fireplace To Keep Us Warm!


  1. Way to be proactive to ensure s'mores before the wind and rain kicked up. Hope the weather settles down.

  2. That little fire place looks like it keeps you cozy. It may be scary when the wind is blowing, but at least you are there!

  3. That was a smart move of beating the storm and having the s'mores early. Any day away from the rat race is a memorable day. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Well darn!! There's been some miserable weather on both side of the country this weekend I'm afraid. At least you have a fireplace to cozy up to. Enjoy.

  5. Sorry to hear the weather is not really co-operating with your camping plans .... darn.

    It is pretty windy and chilly here in Yuma as well.

    Glad you are making the best of it. Napping is a great way to get a little more rested up for the work week.

    Take care ... TnT

  6. You definitely have your priorities in order. I really am tired of this weather. I have my Blue Flame going and that's almost like having a fireplace. Sure am glad that wind has died down and hopefully we'll be on an upward turn now.

  7. The joys of Rving, we just take it as it comes. Sure beats the alternative, living in a house and or working.
    At least you git got the s'more's

  8. It seems you both made the best of the weather situation. To get away was, I'm sure, a nice diversion from the normal routine. The heat and sun will return....cause, as you so well know, this is southern AZ.

  9. I don't mind the odd day being stuck inside, nice and warm, with a good book to read.