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Sunday, January 20, 2013

No Barrett Jackson and off to the Lake!

Last year I had a great time at the Barrett Jackson Car Auction in Scottsdale, posting lots of great pictures from the event. Last year a friend of mine worked the event and offered me free tickets, this year he is working the event again, but no free tickets.  :-(

I checked out the price of tickets and they started at $25 on Wednesday and went to $45 per person on Saturday, with parking costing $30.  So although I'm not a cheap skate, I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much, so maybe next year.  Besides, I have enjoyed watching the auction the last few nights on TV, including the Batmobile, which went for $4.2M all from the comfort of my very own recliner and beer didn't cost me $12 each. 

Tracy and I had a date day yesterday, which included taking the Tin Can out for a drive to Saguaro Lake and lunch at the lake restaurant. It was such a beautiful day at the lake, we decided to eat our lunch outside on the patio.  Since it was just Tracy and I, they wanted to wedge us into a small table for two up against the wall, with people right up against us on both sides.  I am a friendly guy, but I had no intention of sharing our lunch conversation with two other couples that we didn't know and I'm sure they wouldn't have appreciated it either. 

So I asked if we could sit at a four top and was told that they had to hold those for the bigger groups, which I certainly understand, but there were at least 20 of them open.  Well not to make a scene, I asked if we could move to another table for two, that offered a little more elbow room and they obliged us.  
A Kitty Joined Us For Lunch
Boat Tour Heading Out
Water Was Calm
View From Our Table

Our lunch was only okay, Tracy ordered her turkey sandwich dry with no onions, because she has an onion allergy. Although they served it correctly, they placed a large onion on her plate and then piled her french fries partially on top of it, go figure.

Well by the time we left the restaurant, two of the twenty or so four tops were in use, guess they didn't get the run they expected.  Needless to say, we won't be rushing back to the restaurant at Saguaro Lake again anytime soon. 

As we drove around the lake we saw signs saying that we needed a permit to park and go hiking.  When we asked were to get the permit, they said that we needed to buy one in Fountain Hills prior to getting there, so we weren't able to park and go hiking unfortunately. 

We did see lots of motorcycles on the Bush Highway, and found out this morning when we read Rod Ivers' Blog Retired Rod, that he took a spin up the Bush Highway yesterday as well.  We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and calm water, and it sure beat the freezing weather last weekend.

From there we traveled over to Fountain Hills and enjoyed a walk around the lake as the fountain was blasting off.  It was sure a nice day and I was so happy that we were able to get out and about to enjoy the wonderful sunshine.  I would like to welcome Teri as our 71st follower.  Teri doesn't list a blog of her own, but we sure welcome her aboard. 

The Fountain's History
Blast Off!
I hope your weekend has been great.  I will be traveling to Houston for a few days next week for business, so I hope your week goes well and be safe out there! Thanks for the visit.


  1. What a beautiful day. Too bad about the restaurant. Seems like they would want to keep the customers happy that are already there, rather than waiting for ones that may or may not arrive. Nice view from your table though.

  2. I just looked over at Jim and told him there is no way he's ever going to that auction. Thank goodness he agreed with me. We've never eaten at Saguaro Lake and I don't think we ever will. That's the lake Jim loves to fish.

  3. Nice that you got to take a nice day trip. Too bad about the restaurant, really suck when you spend good money on poor service and just ok food. After being on the restaurant business for ten years. I prefer to cook at home. And are not usually happy with the food or service, especially the high prices.

  4. Looks like a beautiful area there around that lake!

  5. 4.2 M. For the Batmobile???? Really?

  6. Nice lake. The car auction is always fun for me to watch on television. To witness it in person would be even better. Perhaps that will happen some time in the future.

  7. I LOVE watching the Barrett Jackson auction !!

    If I only had the money ...

    A fellow in our park recommended the drive to Fountain Hills as a nice day trip. Still have to do that !!

    Can't believe how great the warm weather feels.

    Have fun in Houston ... TnT

  8. It was such a beautiful day and the lake looked gorgeous..... Sorry they didn't treat you with more respect....

  9. My brother, Nurse Ratchet, is wishing he was back home in Arizona and able to attend the auction. :)

  10. Restaurants that haggle about tables when there are lots of them open really irritate me. I'm inclined to just say thanks and I'll look for a better table at another place down the road!

  11. We love watching the Barrett Jackson car auction on TV and hope to attend sometime, but $30 alone just for parking??? Holy cow!!

  12. Looks nice and the temperatures are right for motorcycling in Arizona. We have been enjoying great weather in San Diego. Done some in town riding of my bike, spent the weekend sailing. http://newrealmadventures.blogspot.com/2013/01/winter-classic-race.html

  13. I went to a restaurant like that in Tubac. But they sure were rude about it. People were lined up outside and tables inside were empty. I think about 20 of us just walked off.

    Our weather sure has gotten perfect for this time of year.