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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well we knew that this weekend was going to be a cold one and we tried to do our best to cover things up, but I'm sure we will lose many of our plants this weekend unfortunately.

We woke up to freezing temperatures and frost on the lawn and vehicles yesterday morning and today was no different.

Tracy was planing to buy me an electric fireplace/heater at Christmas for our motor home, but everyplace was sold out. So Friday I happened to notice them in the Camping World ad for $89.00. So I took nice drive down to Mesa and was surprised to find that they had several left in stock. We can now enjoy a little heat and the ambiance of a fire when it is too cold at the campground to have a real one.

We got a call from Sarah wanting to do a SAM's Club run to fill up her kitchen at school. She also needed to go to Harbor Freight to get some items for a her wood and metal working classes at school. HF is one of my favorite stores to visit, so I was all in. I never thought that I would be visiting HF with Sarah, but you just never know.

So we are off to church, breakfast with friends and football this afternoon. I hope your day is great, thanks for stopping by and if you are in AZ, stay warm!

Our new fireplace, takes the edge off
Frost on the lawn
The Tin Can is cold
Burr, this is Arizona?


  1. My brother is quite happy with the nice warm temps we're having in GA right now, but frets over his plants that he put in this year in AZ. Hope the warm weather comes back to you.

  2. Maybe its a good thing we did not make it tio Arizona this winter! Nice looking fireplace.

  3. Enjoy your day and stay warm. I'm hoping to catch some football today too - off for a desert hike first though.

  4. We looked at that same fireplace/heater at Coastal Farm Store yesterday....$79 for the 550 and $99 for the 750 (and included a remote control) Sure likes nice where you have it. RE: footbal, if you like the Seahawks, you probably aren't smiling right now, and if you like Atlanta you ARE smiling...

    1. This one is 1500w but does not come with a remote. I am sure liking it as I am sitting here watching football. Keeps my feet warm!

  5. You'll enjoy that extra heat in your motorhome when needed.

  6. Handy heater, that is! The AZ temps are the coldest we've ever experienced....and we hope someone turns the heat up soon. It's all fun....no matter what!

  7. I, for one, am tired of the cold! We were hoping for a warmer winter, but soon enough it will be nice!

  8. You can blame us for the cold weather. Yup, it is true !! Last year in Texas everyone told us it is not usually this cold.

    This year we are hearing the same thing in Phoenix.

    Look out Florida, or the Shipley's might rain on your parade too !

    Take care ... TnT

  9. This is not why I left NJ! I checked the temps every morning and we are in the teens here in Tucson at sunrise. boo hissss
    I have one of those little heaters in my trailer in the mountains where I really am glad to not be. they are in the minus. Stay warm.