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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yogurt Anyone?

Last night I thought Tracy asked me if I wanted to go for yogurt.  I thought it was odd that we were going for dessert before having dinner, but I was game.  

Like all good husbands, I listen to what my wife says, but I may not always listen 100%.  Just when I thought I was going to have my favorite french vanilla and mocha coffee yogurt, we were actually headed to a Yoga class at our church.  

Next thing I knew, instead of eating delicious yogurt, I was doing the plank pose, followed by the downward facing dog and then the cobra pose...I would have much rather had my yogurt.  

I found that Yoga has it's own unique language along with special equipment including mats, bands and bricks.  Unfortunately the mats are only 3MM thick and I think you use the bricks to throw at the instructor when she tells you to hold a pose for longer than you would like. 

The challenge that I had was remembering my left side from my right, stretching enough to get into a pose and remembering to breath, all at the same time. Just about the time that I thought I had it all together, I realized that I had not breathed for a couple of minutes and was about to pass out!

I am looking forward to mastering some of these poses in hopes that it will give me some lower back and muscle pain relief. An added benefit is that I am the only male in the class and I certainly don't mind all of the nice looking ladies encouraging me to continue. :)

So that is the excitement so far this week, I will let you know if I am able to get out of bed in the morning or not!  Have fun, enjoy life and thanks for the read!


  1. LOL, LOL. Yoga, not yogurt. Oh, the times we mis-hear other people. So funny.

    You are brave going to yoga class. I have tried yoga three times, to be exact. No go for this body at this point in my life. Each time I felt so uncomfortable doing the poses and I didn't breathe either. Plus I started sweating profusely.

    Best to you in your yoga classes. Maybe you can do yogurt after class!


  2. So funny. I have a friend who has been encouraging me to take up Yoga with her.. Should be hilarious for anyone watching as I have never done yogurt before....I mean Yoga!

  3. Oh my! Here I've been thinking this blog was written by your wife. That puts a different slant on things for me. Sorry about that. :)

    Right now, I think I'd rather do yogurt than yoga too. Maybe if and when I get my new hip, I'll try one or two of those positions.

  4. Oh, yogurt sounds so good about now. Especially those new places where you pay by the ounce :) So glad to see that you are giving Yoga a fighting chance...even if it *is* because you thought it was yogurt!

  5. This old body of mine can't even imagine a yoga pose. So I'll take the yogurt. Too funny though that you weren't listening closely.

  6. Sign me up...for the yogurt! Oh my, I can't imagine doing those poses, although I did talk my hubby and others into "planking" when we were in Reno about a year ago. That was pretty funny.

  7. I quite often miss-hear what my wife says (other people too), but I have an excuse (hearing loss). It can be very embarrassing at times too. But at least you gave it a try of probably enjoyed it too. Hope you can move this morning.

  8. Your to funny what a fun post. Of course I don't know how much fun your body thinks it was this morning.
    Like most of the others I'll have the yogurt instead.

  9. Yogurt for me - I'll skip the Yoga!