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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things Have Slipped!

Well the heat of Arizona is not a friend to adhesives.  Every year about this time, I find one or both of our blind spot mirrors on the ground because the adhesive has heated up to molten lava, causing the mirror to slip right off. 

This year, the entry door to our rig got so hot that the adhesive that I used to install the new glass into window frame last winter slipped down about an inch at the top.  The prior owners had installed a beautiful stained glass window of an Iris (that's how Tracy came up with the name "Iris" for our rig) below, but it leaked inside and the frame outside had cracked with age. I had visions of having to take the two piece frame apart and start the process over.  The last time, the install was not fun as I found having a third hand was a requirement and unfortunately I was only born with two.  

 Iris's Namesake!
So I was dreading this project and mentioned my predicament to an fellow RV friend at church. He said that he had the same thing happen last year and he used a suction cup and some window adhesive to reposition the glass so that he did not have to take the frame apart.  What a smart guy and what a great idea.  

So I was off to my favorite store Harbor Freight (I will use any excuse to go there and walk the aisles, it is truly an adult toy store) to purchase a suction cup for the job. $4.99 later, (well it was actually more than that because I found a couple of other must have items) I was out the door. 

I found the glass adhesive/sealer that I had purchased a few months ago at Home Depot and I was off to make the repair.  I put a bead of adhesive on both sides of the glass, connected the suction cup and moved the glass back into place, it worked perfectly. To ensure that the glass did not slip while drying, I connected the suction cup to the bottom of the glass as you will see below, while everything was setting up.   

The Suction Cup Worked Perfectly!

With that repair completed, we are one step closer to our first outing of the year in less than two weeks.  We are getting pretty excited and can't wait to try the new toys that we purchased at the end of last summer and haven't been able to use.

I was off to Tucson yesterday where it was sunny and beautiful and I saw many rigs heading south for the winter.  I have not spent much time there, but hope to in the future.

Well I hope your week is off to a great start and don't forget to tune in to the VP Debates tomorrow night.  Stay safe out there and thanks for the visit!


  1. That sure is some pretty hoy weather you have there and for a long time too. Hope the repair works well for you.

  2. Good idea to use a suction cup to make the fix.

    Harbor Freight is one of my favorite 'man candy stores' too. I find it hard to leave there without having purchased something.

  3. Good job. I try not to let Jim got to Harbor Freight. We haven't moved the rig much this year. So many doctor appts. Every time we go to Scottsdale for another appt we go through Fountain Hills and I always threaten we're going to at least drive through the park but we haven't made it yet. Today the appt is in Gilbert. Need to spread the wealth around you know.

    1. Sandie - It is a great park and we enjoy it very much. If you ever get the desire to give it a try let us know and we can plan to be there at the same time, that would be fun. We also still need to go to Joyful Chinese when you are in Scottsdale for a doctor appointment. We will look forward to it.