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Thursday, June 28, 2012

San Diego Is Great!

Had an easy drive over to San Diego this morning, surprisingly very little traffic. Had dinner at one of our old favorite restaurants in La Mesa and there was a classic car show down the center of town that was really great. Pictures to follow when I am back home and not posting from my iPad.

The weather here was heavenly today at 83 degrees and it is supposed to be even cooler tomorrow for Granny's Memorial.

We have reservations Saturday night at Tom Ham's Lighthouse on Shelter Island, which has a beautiful view of the San Diego bay, city skyline and the Coronado Bridge...can't wait.

Received some great news that our daughter who moved to Oregon over the Memorial Day weekend interviewed yesterday for a special needs teaching position and was offered the job today. Congratulations Steph!

That is it from beautiful San Diego...hope you have a great weekend and more to follow!


  1. That is great news about Steph. Always a good thing when the children have a job. Glad the weather is cooperating for you.

  2. You weather sounds just about perfect. Congrats to your daughter in finding a job so quickly. Not an easy thing to do in Oregon right now. Hope all goes well for the memorial tomorrow.

  3. Loved San Diego , when we visited there. Enjoy the cooler weather, you deserve it!

  4. Good for Steph, congrats!

    Looking forward to seeing your pics of San Diego. We visit there at least once a year and always enjoy driving over the bridge to Coronado Island.