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Sunday, June 3, 2012

All Jacked Up!

Well the generator is still a work in progress...I have been running it every afternoon increasing the load during each exercise period.  It is really difficult trying to figure out what to run for an extended period of time.  A heater is the optimal item, but at 119 degrees in the rig, that's out. Thanks for all of your input and ideas on how to get it up and running completely.

Well my latest project was to install a Jack antenna on our rig.  Our bat wing style antenna just didn't seem to pull in the stations.  I have read about Jack replacement antennas on several forums and blogs so I thought that I would give it a try.  I have been keeping my eye open for the best price on the Internet and $49 seemed to be the going rate.  About two weeks ago, I found an RV supply company in Indiana who offered the Jack antenna for $36, so that was my sign that I should make a purchase, so I did.

In reading the instructions, they mentioned running a station scan on your television as you rotate the antenna to pick up the maximum number of stations.  I don't know why I never knew that, I always just hooked up the television, turned it on and moved the antenna around to hopefully pickup a few stations.  With that process, I could only pick up 3-5 stations at best. So I tested this process with the old antenna and picked up 23 stations from our yard and after hooking up the Jack antenna, which only took 10 minutes, I picked up 41 stations, not bad. 
Out with the old!

In with the new!

I don't think my wife Tracy reads this blog, but this will be a good test to find out if she does or not.  She would say that I should have just been happy with the 23 stations because she doesn't think that I should be watching TV while camping anyway, so increasing to 41 would not be a big enough increase for her to justify the $36 plus shipping expenditure.  So, I am not planning to tell her that if I would have scanned the available stations I could have picked up 18 or so more stations using the old antenna, hopefully you won't tell her either. :)

I want to welcome Kimberly and Jerry Peterson as our 39th blog followers, they are full-timers who are currently working the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar California which is one of our favorites!   Growing up in San Diego, we always looked forward to attending the  Del Mar Fair each year, please have a corn on a stick for us and welcome aboard!

If you haven't stopped by Mike and Pat McFall's Blog yet to see their beautiful new great granddaughters Cora and Alice, do it, what a blessing they are! Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you had a safe and enjoyable weekend!

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  1. That Jack antenna looks like it is much better than the old bat wing, thanks for the info.