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Monday, May 28, 2012

Unexpected Road Trip!

Well we knew that this weekend was going to be challenging because our oldest daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Randy were moving to Lake Oswego, Oregon. So we planned a long weekend getaway in our motorhome for some rest and relaxation.

We headed over to my in-laws house Thursday night to say our goodbyes and discovered that the tow dolly that Randy had rented was defective and that his car had partially came off the dolly during the 10 mile drive from their apartment to my in-law's house.

Randy decided that he was very uncomfortable towing his car the 1323 miles to their new home.  He decided that he would leave his car and fly back to get it in a few weeks. As we were standing outside talking about the situation, I think I had an out of body experience when I heard myself saying "I can drive your car to Oregon".  We had already packed our rig to head to Flagstaff for the weekend, so I couldn't believe that I had volunteered and that he had quickly accepted.

Within about two hours, I drove home, packed my bag, sent a proposal that I was going to send out on Friday, booked my one-way ticket home and I was off to Oregon...ready or not!

So our caravan of three cars, four people and two cats headed out at 4:30am Friday morning, with me driving a manual transmission, something I haven't done for 10 years.  I have to say, it was like riding a bike and the transmission made it just fine!
Heading out of Arizona

We drove 750 miles on Friday, which is well beyond what I am used to doing. We hit wind, rain, traffic and some beautiful scenery along the way. Saturday, we finished the trip off through some absolutely breathtaking mountains, lakes, trees and surroundings including the following...

Lots of hay along the way!

Lake Shasta...beautiful!
Mount Shasta
We arrived in Lake Oswego, Oregon about 5:30pm Saturday night and after quickly unloading the rental truck before the rain started, it was off to a quick dinner and then off to bed...wow, what a wild two days.

Today is our youngest daughter Sarah's 19th Birthday...Happy Birthday Sarah!

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Brunch with Stephanie and Sarah...Yum!

A hike to the falls!

It was extremely hard to get on the plane back to Phoenix this morning knowing that my oldest daughter and son-in-law will be living in Oregon.  This is going to be another new chapter in our lives that I hope will turn out well for all of us. 

On this Memorial Day, I certainly can't end today's post without thanking all of you who have served, or are currently serving to protect our freedoms in the military. Thank you all for your sacrifice! 

I hope you all have had a safe and enjoyable weekend and thanks for stopping by for a visit.


  1. Wow - that's a lot of driving on the spur of the minute. I bet they certainly appreciate your help. Nice photo of the girls at Multnomah Falls.

    1. Donna - Thanks...I couldn't remember the name of the falls that they said they were going to this afternoon, its like a whole new language for me to learn!

  2. Nice of you to volunteer for that adventure.That's the kind of road trip I used to do when I was in my twenties, always fun.

  3. Happy Birthday, Sarah! I recognized the bridge below Multnomah Falls as soon as I saw your picture. We were there a few months ago and they're pretty amazing.

    Pretty nice of you to drive all the way to Oregon just to deliver a car!