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Thursday, May 31, 2012

New and Improved Gate!

Glad to be home after my whirlwind trip to the Pacific Northwest and this week seems to be flying by quicker than most. 

I have been in the process of replacing the areas hit by termite damage over the last few weeks and I am happy to report that my neighbor did another great job, this time on our RV gate. As you can see in the pictures below, our gate was in pretty bad shape and I was always a little concerned that it was going to fall off the hinges each time we came and went in the motorhome.

The new gate included replacement of the two pillars which really makes it very stable and easy to open and close.

So the new gate is in, it has been painted and is looking great!
An added benefit is that I now have all of the kindling that I will need for this winter from the the old gate! Oh my daughter Sarah will be so proud that that I am thinking green and that the old gate did not make it into the landfill.

That's it for our excitement so far this week.  I have been dealing with a generator problem on the motorhome that I will update you on later this week...please keep your fingers crossed that I get is resolved without having to spend the big bucks!

Take care, enjoy the rest of this short week and thanks for stopping by!


  1. My husband insists that using wood that has been painted is not a good thing. He brings home old pallets that we then cut up for kindeling.

  2. He did a great job on the gate. It looks mighty fine. Hope you're surviving that record heat down your way. Nice to be out of that but I still don't want the cold that's taken over Montana right now either. I'm just always looking for utopia.

  3. The new gate looks great. Always something to fix or repair. Good luck with the generator repair.

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback regarding the gate...my neighbor does very good work as long as it doesn't involve electrical:) Hope you all enjoy the upcoming weekend, be safe and stay cool!