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Monday, February 6, 2012

Mission Noise Elimination Update!

I have only removed half of the headliner, but this is what I found so far on the passenger side, where a majority of the noise ts coming from. As you can see, one screw is sheared completely off and another has backed out half way.

If I have the clearance, I am thinking about using bolts and lock nuts rather than these small screws that will most likey shear off and/or come loose again. Although this solution may not look as nice on the floor of the overhead bed, it will be covered by the slide portion of the bed. Any additional thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated. So far, I have spent 40 of the 45 minutes that were estimated.


  1. If you are serious about putting bolts and nuts and there is space on the bottom, put at least a 1/4" diameter countersunk bolt from the top. Countersinking from the top should end up flush with you wood surface and then use what is called a Nylock nut, no lock washers necessary.

    It's about time.

  2. Kevin and Tracy, hope you get that RV fixed soon. Not good to have screws falling out.