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Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting Things Stabilized!

One of things that I missed about our travel trailer were the stabilizer jacks on each corner that was so easy to use and really reduced the movement from the wind or people walking around in the rig.   

The former owner had left two stabilizer jacks in one of the compartments, but they were heavy to move in and out and were a pain to get up and under the rig (I'm pretty spoiled huh!). 

So, thankfully I have a neighbor who is a jack of all trades and welding is one of the many things that he does well.  So I drove across the street and John went to work getting the jacks welded to the frame.

Doesn't look too comfortable, does it...

So, not only did John do a great job welding up the jacks, but he put bolts in to make doubly sure that those jacks didn't come off while we were heading down the road. Can't wait to try them out for the first time!

If you are in Arizona and ever need a great handyman/craftsman, let me know and I will give you John's contact information.  He is fast and always does great work.
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  1. No doubt that will make stabilizing a lot easier. Nice to have a helpful neighbor.

  2. Those stabilizers will help a lot when you are parked. We hated that bouncing when we had out 30 ft C Class. We have semi automatic jacks on the Seneca. Wish they were fully automatic, but they are still awesome. Just press some buttons and they come down. A few tweaks and we are level and stable.

  3. Looks like you are getting your rig all ship shape. The Stabilizing jack will help a lot. Make note to self, next rig has levelling jacks.

  4. The stabilizing jacks worked perfectly on our trip this past weekend. The wind kicked up several times and they really helped to keep things from shaking. Would love to have the auto leveling jacks in the future. Watched the rig across from us with theirs and it was a breeze for them.