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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Shopping Done, Really?

This has been a weekend of Christmas shopping and it has been absolutely exhausting. Our oldest daughter Stephanie had sent us links to some clothes that she wanted at Target, unfortunately there were only a few Target stores here in Arizona that had them in stock.

So we headed to the west side of town to fulfill her list and we did great, they had everything that she wanted, so we were successful and the store wasn't even crowded.

We continued shopping until early afternoon and then we called it a day because we had a Christmas Party with the folks from Tracy's office which was fun.

We finished our shopping today with Tracy picking out a few things for me to give her.  We decided that we would shop for each other together this year, so although we won't be surprised Christmas morning, we are sure to get exactly what we wanted.

I am headed off to California tomorrow morning and decided to drive rather than fly, so I will be headed west on Interstate 10 right through Quartzite.  I know several of you are calling Quartzite home right now, so I will give you all a wave as I head west!

I want to welcome Paul and Marti Dahl of R Sanity RV Adventures as our latest followers.  I have enjoyed following their full-time adventures for months, so we are happy to have them aboard. 

With that I will wish you a safe and happy week and I hope that you are enjoying this wonderful holiday season!


  1. Now you can kick back and relax until the big day.

  2. We are really going to miss Quartzsite this winter :<(....

  3. What?? Are we supposed to be Christmas shopping?? What a terrible thought. LOL I guess we're lucky - the only thing our kids want is cold hard cash. No shopping involved. We are headed to Q in January - you guys going to come for a couple of days??? Be safe on the drive to CA.

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  5. Shopping for - and with each other - is a nice way to get what you want and need v. receiving something that will see the bottom of a drawer and remain unused. Well done! Your oldest daughter will be thrilled that you found everything on her wish list.

    Safe journey to CA.

  6. I always breathe a big sigh of relief when Teresa announces we are done for another year !!

    But then again, she starts up again in January ...

    Please travel safely to Cali ....

    Take care ... TnT

  7. We'll be leaving your fine state Tuesday and taking 10 through Quartzite to CA as well. Should be in Bakersfield by Wednesday, and northern CA Monday the 17th. Can't wait!

  8. It's always a great feeling to finish up Christmas shopping. We always loved it when the kids would send us a list as it made things so much easier.

    Safe travels to California.

  9. Doesn't it feel good to go to the stores and not find them crowded with people? I have heard and found myself that the stores are not the crowded. Are people doing more online shopping? Who knows but it's nice not to have to fight the crowds